Fancy Naturals Vera Mist Review!

Posted on May 23, 2013


imagesVera Mist Leave In Conditioning Spray:

Last month, I went to a Natural Hair Expo in Brooklyn. From there, I bought some products to try. One of them was FancyNaturalsVera Mist Leave In Conditioning Spray. My first impressions of this product was that it smelled like I ran through a meadow filled with herbs and spices. To me, the spray did smell strong, but I did grow to love how it makes my hair feel. The first time I used it, the spray detangles on contact and made my hair stay moisturized for at least 5 days. I guess it’s because of the aloe vera juice which helps close the hair cuticles and prevents frizz. I really do recommend this product to anyone having trouble detangling or just trying to find another leave in conditioner. This spray lasts for up to 6 months, but I used this bad boy up in less than a month. I wish there was more product than an 8oz bottle though. If you look at the ingredients, the product is easy to recreate!

What are your favorite leave ins and detanglers?