MSM and Castor Oil Challenge!

Posted on June 4, 2013



After some long research, I’ve decided to go on an MSM/Castor Oil Challenge! With this challenge, I will be able to used up all that leftover castor oil. I also purchased MSM pill capsules which I use the powder inside for an oil mix.

-Incorporate castor oil into your prepoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, sealing and scalp massages

-Use some type of castor oil at least 2 times a week

-For maximum growth, use 3-5 times a week

-I recommend to get MSM powder if you are using the oil mix. The powder form can be taken with a beverage. The pill have to be taken with a meal.

-This challenge will go on for 2 months (June 7th – August 7th)

-Check the “Recipes” tab for recipes to use for this challenge

-There is no need to check in. Just comment if you want to share your experiences or questions you have!

WARNING: Please do your own research before attempting this challenge! Stop use of MSM and/or Castor Oil if you see any negative affects.

Hope you try this challenge! I’ve heard people have had success with these 2 products.

Have you used Castor Oil or MSM before? If so, have you had any good results?

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