Where’s the hair?? Could it be…

Posted on June 9, 2013



Yes!!! I finally big chopped on Friday after 6 long months of transitioning. I feel much more confident than ever! I was so afraid that when I cut my hair I would get major shrinkage, but my hair is naturally an afro. I don’t think I’m 4c because there are a lot of little coils in the front and back. I ‘m so glad I don’t have to deal all those relaxed ends getting in the of my styles now. To describe my hair in one word: THICK!!!


My style of the week: Flat Twists in the front, twistout in the back. After 2 days, I haven’t spray any water at all on my hair due to the lovely L.O.C. Method.

How did you feel when you first Big Chopped?

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