Eden Body Works Twistout!

Posted on June 17, 2013



A couple weeks I purchased Eden Body Works Curl Defining Crème with Medium Hold. Out of curiosity, I tried this on my first twistout by myself. For the most part it really does moisturize my hair and keeps it soft! I could tell there was so many oils in it because my hair was on BLING! mode after the crème dried. This crème does leave a white film, but it does go away after your hair’s dry. The crème doesn’t have much hold so my twistout was only defined for 2 days. I do recommend this product, but prepare to grab that gel or something else that has much more hold. Next week, Eco Styler Gel Twistout 4sure!

So, I have to ask:

Have you used the Curl Defining Crème from Eden Body Works?

What’s your favorite curl definer or styler for twistouts?


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