When you first transition, you may think to yourself “How am I going to tame this 2 different textures?” No fear, here are some tips for detangling transitioning/natural hair:

Make sure your hair is drenching wet or at least damp before you even touch that comb.Make sure you’re detangling with a wide tooth comb. By doing this you will prevent lots of unwanted breakage that you don’t want. Combing your hair when it’s dry will rip off your length.

-If you choose to detangle with a brush, opt for a Denman brush. This brush helps to brush through big tangles and knots. You can also remove some of the rows in the brush to make your own wide tooth brush for easy gliding.

-When detangling, you want to have lots of conditioner saturated through your hair for easier and shorter combing sessions.

Detangle before washing your hair: you can detangle your hair before washing by prepooing: applying oils like coconut oil and olive oil and even honey to pull through matted chunks in your hair. You can also do a wet prepoo by using water and conditioner in a spray bottle. VO5 Moisture Milks Conditioner is one of the best conditioners for this step.

Detangling in sections will make it much easier manage.

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